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A Zoo that isn't a zoo

education that comes to you!

Each item listed is the gift you receive for your donations to The Bunny Hutch. The value of your donations cannot be measured in just dollars; but the sense of knowing you are assisting us to do MORE.

Want a chance to show The Bunny Hutch how much you care? There are several ways to help us out. We are currently accepting applications for volunteers and interns.
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Wherever we are, we’d all like to think of ourselves as an intellectually active group, herd, flock, school or warren. 

Who We Are

The Bunny Hutch combines educational elements of a zoo, animal adoption, nutrition, pet sitting, animal rehabilitation, grooming, birthday parties, pet walkers, conditioning, community outreach, classes, habitat enrichment, animal presentation, conservation and fun. Animals cared for by Keepers in a zoological environment live mentally stimulating lives and often live more than twice their wild counterparts do. This knowledge is not a secret; anyone can learn how to enrich ANY family members’ life.

Our mission is to inspire a culture of understanding and discovery of our natural world through exotic and domestic species adoption, conservation, education, innovation and leadership.

No matter if you are covered in fur, feather, skin or scales The Bunny Hutch can help you.