Slinky and Marshmallow the Ferrets


Slinky is our baby ferret who loves to play! He needs a family who can keep up with his energy level. He eats a diet of ferret food and likes to relax on his sling. He does a happy “inchworm” dance when he’s having fun… which is almost all the time!


Marshmallow is Slinky’s petite albino friend. She is deaf, but she doesn’t let that stop her from having fun! When we first introduced the pair, she was a little overwhelmed by Slinky’s playfulness, but now they are best buds and like to play and sleep together.


Slinky and Marshmallow are a bonded pair that need to find a home together. Ferrets live in social groups, so it is important for their health and happiness that all ferrets have a ferret friend.

Contact us: or (866) 488-4248 is you are interested in adopting Slinky and Marshmallow.