Baby Chinchilla Brothers

Due to the surrender of an already-pregnant female chinchilla (who has already found a new home), three baby chinchillas were born at our facility in May 2019. All three are males who are looking for a new home!

Because chinchillas are social animals, we only adopt them in pairs or trios. So, these brothers will likely need to go to a new home together. However, we could adopt a single chinchilla if you already have a single chinchilla looking for a friend. (This would be at the discretion of our director and depends on what is best for the animals.)

Zuko, Sonny, and Kenickie all have big personalities. They have been handled every day and love to sleep together on one big pile. All three are great eaters.

Zuko is the most active of the three. He loves to jump around and is is outgoing. He loves running around in his chinchilla ball.

Sonny was the smallest when born, but you wouldn’t know it since he has outgrown his brothers. He is not a big fan of the chinchillas balls but does enjoy jumping and running around during playtime.

Kenickie is extremely clever and will walk right into your hand from the cage. He is the brother that is most likely to sit with you for pets, and he loves treats.

Because of their nature, chinchillas are not recommended for starter pets for families with young children. They make great companions for adults and older children who are extremely patient. You need to let them come to you instead of chasing them, since their first instinct is to run. Chinchillas have very specific care instructions, including not getting them wet. Their fur is so dense that it can get moldy if they get wet. Instead of water baths, they take dust baths.

Zuko, Sonny, and Kenickie have a clean bill of health and are ready to go to their forever home. Their package comes with a cage, travel crates, toys, food, and everything else you need to set them up in your home. Email for information about adopting them!