Bentley the Pot Belly Pig

Hello friends! I am Bentley, the Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig, and I am looking for a new home. I was originally sold as a “teacup pig” but there is really no such thing. Pigs like me keep growing as we are fed, so I weigh around 200 pounds. My humans put me on a healthy diet, and I am now getting lots of exercise in my outdoor run. They say I am becoming a “gym rat,” but they must not know that I’m a pig, not a rat. Silly humans!

I’m working hard on my manners, but am still a little afraid of men, so I need a very patient family who will continue to work with me. I like to go outside, but will whine when I’ve had enough and want to come inside to my comfy crate. I am getting better about walking on my harness and leash, and love to explore the area. I also am doing well with the “sit” command, and like to lay down for belly rubs.

Are you able to give me a great home? Email my humans at for more information!