Blue the Savannah Monitor

I’m Blue, the feistiest, most fun-loving reptile here at The Bunny Hutch! I’m still technically a hatchling, though I am definitely a growing boy. I will eventually be VERY big lizard, so I’m looking for a VERY experienced owner who has an entire room to devote to me and has owned large reptiles in the past. If you’re new to reptiles or large species, my human servants at The Bunny Hutch can recommend one of my smaller adoptable friends instead!

I’m most interested in finding a home at a zoo or educational facility, since I’m a high-maintenance species. I’m leash-trained, mild-tempered, and very healthy. Can you help me find a home?

Contact us: or (866) 488-4248 if you are interested in adopting Blue or have contacts at a zoo or educational facility who might be interested.