Blue the Savannah Monitor


I’m Blue the Savannah Monitor, and I’m one of the animal ambassadors here at The Bunny Hutch and CLIMATES-Rescue! As an animal ambassador, I spend my days teaching visitors about the importance of responsible pet ownership. I am looking for a home with a forever family who understands the special needs of caring for a large lizard and will accept me even with some health challenges.

Because there are very few laws about reptile breeding and adoption in the state of Virginia, I was purchase by a fraternity who didn’t know how to care for me properly. I was a party accessory, not a loved pet. They did not realize that as a full grown male monitor I would end up being several feet long and need to eat a diet of raw meat. I was not kept in a healthy environment. They even exposed me to alcohol and drugs. Then, a really awesome member of the fraternity told them that I needed a better home. They learned that I was a bad pet for a fraternity, and surrendered me so I could live a better life.

Contact for information about adopting Blue. Previous reptile experience preferred.