Bonnie and Clyde the Bunnies

Hello, humans! I’m Bonnie and this is my hus-bun Clyde. We’re a bonded pair looking for a new forever home since our original owners had to transfer with the military. We’re 3-4 years old, so we have a long life ahead of us and need humans who can commit to our care for the next 8-12 years.

Did you know that we are famous? Check our our visit to Channel 13 here!

The friendly servants here at The Bunny Hutch say that we are the best bunnies they’ve ever had. We are pretty chill, but like all bunnies we need time to warm up to you. I love to boss Clyde around. He sometimes gets on my nerves because he is a stage 5 clinger. He always needs to know what I’m doing. We are already potty trained, and would do best in a home were we can roam and use our cage just as a potty box and place to sleep.

We have to stay together. But that’s good news for you: you get double the love!

We are both spayed/neutered and microchipped. Our adoption package comes with all the supplies you need to set us up in your home. Email for more information.