Creamsicle the Corn Snake

Hi friendsssss! I am Creamssssssicle the corn sssssnake! I am a morph, which means I have a beautiful, unusual coloring. My favorite thing in the world is to is to be held so I can explore. I am very inquisitive and love to slither and look around. I am hoping to find a new family who will indulge my need for adventure by handling me regularly.

I have gone through a 90-day isolation program so my human caregivers can be sure that I am happy and healthy. Now that I have a clean bill of health, I am ready to be adopted! My humans will even build you a really cool tank habitat to be an art piece in your home, and my adoption fee also covers all of my supplies, including a food sample for two weeks (I only eat FROZEN, never live.)

Interested? Email for more information or to set up an adoption appointment.