Drogon the Red-Tailed Boa

Baby Drogon is a Colombian Red-Tailed Boa morph who came to our shelter when he was only a day old. He was born on July 17 and has been handled every day since then. So, he is very used to human contact. Drogon is a great eater and has been shedding well. He is very curious and active.

Please be aware, although he is a tiny bracelet-sized snake right now, red-tailed boas grow to be very large in terms of both length and girth. He will eventually need a sizable tank, growing to 6-10 feet when adult. Additionally, he will live to be 25-30 years old, so needs a forever family that can commit to his long-term care. Not every rental allows snakes, so if you don’t own your own home, please check with your landlord and lease first before inquiring.

If you have questions, please email info@thebunnyhutch.org.