Dude and Ernest the Tortoises

Dude and Ernest have developed a bro-mance and must be adopted together. Dude is a gulf coast box turtle (which is actually a type of tortoise) and Ernest is a Greek tortoise. Dude is an escape artist – if there is a way out, he will find it! He’s an omnivore who gets protein every other day and is very active. He will bully smaller tortoises, but is best friends with Ernest! Ernest is a herbivore and has separation anxiety. He damages his own shell when he is alone, but is perfectly happy when he’s with Dude. Both of the boys like to spend time outside and can live in your backyard for most of the year. We’ll provide an enclosure that they’ll love during the winter when it gets too cold. Tortoises make great pets for families, so call today to find out more about this 2-for-1 deal!

Contact us: info@thebunnyhutch.org or (866) 488-4248 is you are interested in adopting Dude and Ernest.