George and Martha the Bunnies

George and Martha are America rabbits. George is the handsome darker bunny, while Martha is his beautiful lighter-colored girlfriend. (Don’t worry… they’ve been spayed/neutered!)

Martha, like her name sake, is a clever lady whose confidence and boldness demand the respect of all who behold her. A natural communicator, she will not hesitate to publicize anything displeases her, usually in the form of thumping, nor will she waver in her appeal for attention and affection, which often is communicated by nose kisses and the invasion of your personal space. Martha is a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it

George adores Martha and his devotion can sometimes by his downfall. It is best to give him his treats where he can finish them before they are stolen (more like willingly handed over). He has two primary passions in life. The first is habitat design and can often be found artfully arranging shredded newspaper and cardboard boxes around to create a more appealing environment for his one true love, Martha. His second is culinary display, and masterfully ensure that all of the yummy treats within the daily dish of rabbit food is artfully arranged to easily enjoy without having to dig through a bowl.

George and Martha dine daily on fresh vegetables and a small amount of fruit. They really enjoy all types of lettuce, cabbage, kale, and spinach – but dislike snap peas!  Martha usually hogs all of the fruit unless you stop her and if you have banana, watch out – she will literally climb all over you for that! Lastly, they always have timothy hay available….which they love!

George and Martha have been living with two dogs and three cats, which they basically just ignored. (Although Martha will give any cat loitering to “stare at her for too long” a good “thump” letting them know it’s time to move on and find something else to do.)

Both bunnies have been altered and have a clean bill of health. They come with a complete adoption set-up including cage, toys, and more. They have also been microchipped and receive flea treatment, so can spend time outside when the weather is nice.

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