Gravel the Pine Snake

Hi, I’m Gravel, a young pine snake with a big personality. When I first came to my new home at The Bunny Hutch, I was not used to being handled or fed in a separate tote, so I would hiss at my caretakers. You can’t blame me… I didn’t know they were friends since my last humans did not take great care of me. Now, I am handled daily and have learned to trust my human friends! I am looking for a family to call my own.

Currently, I am finishing my 90-day isolation period so my caretakers can sign off that I am happy and healthy. So far, things are looking great, and there are no signs of any health problems. I should be available for adoption very soon. I will come with my very own custom-built tank, heat lamps/pads, snake bag, feeding tote, and food samples, and one of my human servants will even come to your home to set up my enclosure.

Email for more info or to be first in line to adopt me when I am available. My humans process applications in the order they are received.