Jack and Sparrow the Degus

Hi I’m Jack! And I’m Sparrow! We are the best degus in the world, and can’t wait to go home with our new family.

Our needs our simple: We just want a family to love us as much as we love each other. We are brothers, so we sometimes yell/chirp at each other, which means the interns laugh. But even when we get on each other’s nerves, we are curling up to nap together a few minutes later. Give us a wheel and some pumpkin seeds to nibble, and we are the happiest pair you’ll ever meet.

The Bunny Hutch gave us the best temporary home every, but we really want a fur-ever home to call our own. We have a clean bill of health from our vet and are ready to melt your heart! So what d’ya say? Give us a chance?

Contact us: info@thebunnyhutch.org or (866) 488-4248 if you are interested in adopting Captain Jack and Captain Sparrow