Oreo the Bunny

I’m Oreo, the super-bun who has no fear! I am just a little guy who was born in July or August 2018 based on my humans’ best guess. They think I am probably an Angora/Dutch Belted mix. They don’t know much about me because I was picked up by animal control. I had no microchip and no one claimed me for a long time… I was so sad! But The Bunny Hutch made things better! I get lots of love every day and even get to spend time outside exploring their really cool hutches and runs. I have no fear, and love to be picked up and snuggled.

I’m now microchipped and will soon be ready to go to a new home. You can come meet me now and even put in an application if you want to be first in line to take me home. Come on, how can you say no to me? I promise not to take up much room, except in your heart.

Email info@thebunnyhutch.org for more information or to set up an adoption appointment.