Scarlet the Red-Tailed Boa

Hello friendssssss, I’m SSSScarlet, the red-tailed boa. I’m an 8.5 ft. long gentle giant who was abandoned in an empty apartment building when my previous owners moved.

When I came to The Bunny Hutch, I was severely overweight and had a respiratory infection, but thanks to my new human friends, I am doing great and have a clean bill of health these days, though I will need to be watched carefully for respiratory problems the rest of my life. I enjoy supervised slithers in the yard and curling up in my enclosure under my hide.

Due to my large size, I need to go to a zoo, educational program, or VERY experienced handler who has room for a large enclosure. I cannot be rehomed to a breeder or most private homes, due to my size and health history. I am a sweet girl and would do really well as an animal ambassador.

Email for more info.