Storm the Chinchilla

SFF (single fluffy female) looking for a new family! My name is Stom, and I’m a short-tailed chinchilla currently available for adoption at The Bunny Hutch. I was loved by my previous owners, but living that single life… and everyone knows that chinchillas like me are happiest with a friend. In the wild, we actually live in large family groups. So, the kind humans here at the shelter are looking for the perfect female BFF for me. Until they find one, the perfect home for me is one with another female short-tailed chinchillas who needs a friend!

I love dust baths. Chinchillas should never get wet, but I love using the dust to clean myself. It’s especially important after a long workout on my wheel. Gotta stay fit! I am not a shy chinchilla and I am used to being handled by humans, but would still do best in a home with older children and adults. I’m around 2 years old, so I have a long life ahead of me. Do you want to share it?

Email for more information.