Blue, VP of Scales and Marketing


I’m Blue the Savannah Monitor, and I’m one of the animal ambassadors here at The Bunny Hutch and CLIMATES-Rescue! As an animal ambassador, I spend my days teaching visitors about the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Because there are very few laws about reptile breeding and adoption in the state of Virginia, I was purchase by a fraternity who didn’t know how to care for me properly. I was a party accessory, not a loved pet. They did not realize that as a full grown male monitor I would end up being several feet long and need to eat a diet of raw meat. I was not kept in a healthy environment. They even exposed me to alcohol and drugs. Then, a really awesome member of the fraternity told them that I needed a better home. They learned that I was a bad pet for a fraternity, and surrendered me so I could live a better life.

Most of the animals here at The Bunny Hutch are adoptable. However, due to my special needs, they decided to make me a permanent resident! I enjoy meeting visitors, going for walks on my leash, and visiting the beach.

Would you like to sponsor me to help pay for my care? Click here to donate any amount or to become a critter club member!

You can also visit our Etsy shop to find unique lizard-made items! I paint beautiful artwork as an enrichment activity. Also, when I shed naturally as I grow, my humans use that shed to create jewelry, sun catchers, key chains, and more!