Scarlet, VP of Hiss-ness Development

Hello friendssssss, I’m SSSScarlet, the red-tailed boa. I’m a 9 ft. long gentle giant who was abandoned in an empty apartment building when my previous owners moved.

When I came to The Bunny Hutch and CLIMATES-Rescue, I was severely overweight and had a respiratory infection, but thanks to my new human friends, I am doing great and have a clean bill of health these days, though I will need to be watched carefully for respiratory problems the rest of my life. I enjoy supervised slithers in the yard and curling up in my enclosure under my hide.

Because of my special needs, and the fact that our keepers have fallen in love with me, I am a permanent resident here at The Bunny Hutch! I love to teach visitors that snakes are really cool, not scary.

Want to sponsor me? Click here to donate any amount to help pay for my care!

You can also visit our Etsy shop to find paintings done by me during enrichment, as well as items made with my shed!