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The Bunny Hutch Story

Here’s our history… The Bunny Hutch Boutique was originally founded by six zookeepers to raise money for other rescues by offering unique animal-made, sustainable…


Jr. loved being a “celebrity” bunny! Without him, building a future would have not been possible. Check out our shelter’s press mentions as we…

Get Involved

Our team of volunteers keep CLIMATES-Rescue running day and night! Volunteers help with everything from prepared food for our animals to working at events…

Animal Adoption

Animal adoption (rather than purchase) makes sense for many families! We do not currently adopt out animals, but are happy to recommend some local…

Support Responsible Pet Ownership

One of the biggest challenges facing exotic animals is the lack of regulation for exotic pet breeding and ownership. Many breeders will sell to anyone who can pay their price. It is important to fully research any potential pet BEFORE you buy. To make matters more complicated, often pets that are legal in one state are illegal in another (this is an especially big problem for ferrets and hedgehogs). Learn more about your state laws here >>>

Upcoming Events

The Bunny Hutch’s facility on Jensen Drive is CLOSED unless otherwise noted below. Our shelter is closing completely in December 2019. The educational side of our nonprofit will continue to operate in 2020. CLICK HERE to learn more.

13 Oct 2019
shelter CLOSED all day
1-3 Nov 2019
TBD (shelter remains open)
Hampton, VA

Become A Zookeeper For A Day

Learn what it is like to be a zookeeper taking care of exotic animals!


Our Zookeeper For A Day program is for kids and young adults age 8 – 21 who are interested in zookeeping as a career or who just want to try their hand at taking care of these amazing animals.


Get hands-on experience cleaning enclosures, preparing diets, grooming areas, learning how we do exams, participating in behavior training, and more.


    Learn More   

Adoptable Animals