Cool Things to Do in Virginia Beach – Visit The Bunny Hutch!

Are you looking for cool things to do in Virginia Beach? For something off the beaten path, check out The Bunny Hutch! Our facility is 100% open for tours.

What does 100% open for tours mean? It doesn’t mean we are open 100% of the time (the animals have to sleep!) but it does mean that 100% of our facility is open for visitors to see. You get a true “behind the scenes” tour to meet the animals and watch the keepers work!

Cool Things To Do in Virginia Beach for Families

If you bring a group of 6 people or less, we can give your entire group a tour. Our facility is fairly small, so tour groups of more than 6 people need to book an appointment. This is a cool activity for families because you get to be up close and personal with the animals. Here are examples of some of the animals you might meet on your tour:

  • Jr the bunny – he is the biggest bunny in the U.S. This is his press page!
  • Blue the savannah monitor – this giant lizard walks on a leash like a dog and enjoys belly scratches.
  • Scarlet the red-tailed boa – she’d a 9-foot-long gentle giant
  • Shio the fox – he’s super cute and loves to teach people about why foxes make horrible pets

You could also meet chinchillas, ferrets, iguanas, rats, pigs, tarantulas, chameleons, geckos, birds, tortoises, and more! We rescue all exotic pets, which means anything except cats and dogs!

If you’re coming to the shelter as a family, please be aware that our facility has stairs. So, you may want to leave the strollers outside. If you have a member of your family in a wheelchair, just call ahead and we can make sure that our animals are downstairs to meet their fans.

Please note: all of our tours are donation-based. That means… you don’t need a ticket. However, we do appreciate donations. This is how we pay for our animals’ care. We suggest donating $25 per tour group, but you are free to donate less or more, depending on your experience.

(Why are our tours donation based? Simply put, we wanted families of all income levels to be able to enjoy our facility. We don’t think that children should never get to meet these amazing animals just because their parents can’t afford a ticket. So, our tours are free. We hope that never has to change! However, please check our homepage for ticketing details. If we have to switch from donation-based to a ticket price, we will make sure it is announced there.)

Other Cool Activities at The Bunny Hutch

In addition to daily tours (no appointment needed), we also have special events at The Bunny Hutch and throughout Virginia Beach. Make sure to check our homepage to see where we we’ll be next.

You can also book our facility for your next gathering. Our special events room is great for birthday parties, business meetings, classes, homeschool events, scout days, and more. We have seating for up to 30 people.

Additionally, we can bring The Bunny Hutch to you! Our “bun beast” is a converted RV that perfect transports animals throughout Virginia and the surrounding states. Book your next WILD event here.

Even More Activities in Virginia Beach

Looking for something fun to do after your tour of The Bunny Hutch? Within just a few minutes’ drive, you can…

  • Play in the ocean at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront
  • Meet more animals at the Virginia Beach Aquarium
  • Splash around Ocean Breeze Water Park
  • Enjoy some art in the ViBe Creative District
  • Hike at First Landing State Park

There’s no lack of things to do in Virginia Beach!